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About Us

We love what we do!

HPCi Data centers can sometimes seem like a black box. Mysterious “downtime” that knocks your business sideways. A dent in the landscape, a drain on the environment, a blight on the local community and a inability to change to future demands for High Performance Computing infrastructures. Doesn’t exactly inspire you with confidence, does it?

We’ve been HPCi customers ourselves, and we were frustrated by the situation too. So we decided it was time to do things differently. That’s why we founded Bolooba.

Our core values

Working in partnership

An AI HPCi data center that’s disrupting the world of HPC infrastructure with innovations powered by traditional values: honesty, respect, and the freedom to test and learn.

A team of experts always on the hunt for ways to solve problems more efficiently, more cost-effectively, more sustainably.

An employer that partner, recruits a diverse local workforce, invests in its people, and lays paths for progression.

Not as a box-ticking exercise, but because it leads to better results – for customers, for the municipalities, for everyone.

We partner with the best in the world, best in class to deliver best value to you


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