AI Enterprise Capacity Services

Hard to understand how it works?

We help you design
your AI Capacity.

You’re ready to move from your existing infrastructure to an Enterprise grade infrastructure delivering AI processing capacity that scales from a Proof of Concept to an operational solution, You come to the right place. You transition your AI project on the same infrastructure with unsurpassed processing power by just adding HPCi resources to your docker or container.We call it “Bolooba AI HPCi” and it is all about a GPU processor architecture togeteher with the software frameworks to support your AI project. Simple and super scalable!
We engage with you through a number of applications built and optimised for our processing power and delivery of a very cost effective solution as you engage with machine learning.

WE provide you with all the tools

Providing the dockers and containers

The docker container allows you to use the application services and share them between teams with minimal effort. The application services are:
  • Machine Learning allowing you to create models for operational use
  • Big Data Import, you have a large amount of data to be processed, we take care of it
  • HPC Applications, allows you to monitor the HPCi resources and scale up or down
  • Visualisation Tools , to visualise the progress of your AI efforts and model behaviour
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    You use leading frameworks