Bolooba Core

Bolooba Core

NVIDIA Tesla V100 at the AI core

Tesla V100 is engineered to provide maximum performance in existing hyperscale server racks. With AI at its core, Tesla V100 GPU delivers 30X higher inference performance than a CPU server. This giant leap in throughput and efficiency makes the scale-out of a new range of AI services practical.
You get access to this through our terminal services or the interfaces provided by the preinstalled software frameworks such including Tensorflow, Caffe and flexibility to experiment.


NVIDIA Tesla V100

1 kr
per Day
1 kr
Per hour
1 kr
Per minute

Prices are per GPU. We offer of course longer durations both serviced from our HPC Data Centers.
We also offer an on-prem service with a custom design setup for your project 

Be ahead of the curve

We believe in building eco systems with partners and local expertise, we are the engine of your services our partners helps you in maximising the value of our services. It also means that we can reinvest in more innovation that drives performance improvements and cost efficiencies back to you.

Forefront of green

A responsible AI HPCi data center operator respects the environment and resources. That’s why Bolooba facilities are powered by 100% green hydro and wind energy, integrate with the landscape and local conditions, and use the heat they generate to grow vegetables and heat local towns, a positive contribution to the environment.

Security is vital

We provide computer capacity and processing power to global financial institutions. We respect and take the utmost precautions to protect our customers information. We offer secure storage in our big data service that is put online during processing and then either permanently deleted or physically removed, your security is all to us

Why Bolooba

Processing power is not enough it needs to be delivered effectively both economically and environmentally. Bolooba drives a agile innovation process that delivers Research and Development improvements every day. We are committed to green power, equal opportunity, innovation through ecosystems

Re-think Performance

We are fast and work to define best practises in ML services to our customers. You may need a small platform for proof of concept and then scale to really apply the intelligence, we are still with you with the performance that you need. Performance is not just speed of computation, it is about a quality platform honed to perfection.

Trust our Team

Like the sound of a team that strives to raise the bar and exceed your expectations? As well as deliver results you can rely on and get help when you need it. Bolooba AI HPCi data centers are designed, built and managed by a diverse and inclusive team. We put a great value on security and integrity

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